Benefits of mantra chanting

I once heared this
“As music has charms to smoothe a savage beast the spiritual sound of mantra smootes the restless mind”

what are the benefites of chanting of mantra or listening the chanting.

it brings a balance to mind body soul, all the emotions that are suppressed like fear,stress,trauma,betrayel etc are cleared.

Chanting helps in balancing the endocrine system and normalize our harmons. It helps in mood swings.

As our sub-conscience gets cleared we identify the timelessness of our soul.
Neurotic thoughts , negative habits and beliefs gets released.
our thought starts expanding and living in the present moment.

The power of mantra chanting is realced in the roots of the Sanskrit word “man” meaning mind “tra “meaning projection, the sacred sound of mantra gets as connected to the thankfulness of the universe fulfilling us to our core

.Chanting mantras gives bliss that takes us beyond time and space. When the sound is that of divine all the illusions and bondage are broken and we identify our true self.

Through mantra chanting the sweetness of devotional Surender is born and mantras turns every negative to positive .
So listening and chanting mantra is beneficial for our whole well being.

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