Maa Mahagauri

Mahagauri is worshiped on the 8th day of Navratri. This day is also called Ashtami.It is believed that she is the 16 years old unwed maa Parvati.she is the one who liberated the world from evil forces.

Mahagauri is the symbol of feminine purity, serenity, and compassion. Her other name is Shwetambardhara.

She purifies the souls of her devotes, fills calmness and helps to enhance knowledge and wisdom.
Devotes who worship maagauri are free for the material world and experience divine bliss.

Her mantra -/
Chanting her mantra brings virtue and inner peace releasing all sorrow and unhappiness.
Like other days of Navratri, the chapters of “ Durga Saptashati” are read to form a connect with the universal divine mother.
This is the day when the prashad that is offered to mother is distributed to small girls ( mostly 9 in Number ) if it is not possible to find little girls then mother cow is served the Prasad in behalf of the little girls. This is called Kanya pujan.The prashad is made of black channa, puri and halwa ,by doing this the devotes honour the feminine essence of the universe.
Let’s pray and invoke the purity of Maagauri and burn our negative karma away.

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