Why do devotes in Hinduism touch the steps before entering a temple.

It is commonly seen that the devotes touch the steps before entering the temple .This custom is deeply imbibed in the Hindu religion. Worshiping god with humbleness is the most important lesson and reason in touching the temple steps.

-Touching the steps brings modesty and  helps in releasing the ego.
-The steps of the temple  helps the devotee to surrender to the divine essence.
-It  is believed that the steps of the temple  is the  spiritual abode of divine and is very sacred and as our legs  touches then ,so we bow down to ask  for forgiveness.
-By touching the temple steps before entering the temple the devotee takes permission of the deity  to enter his / her divinity space.
-In Hinduism the steps are symbolic of the feet of the deity in the temple , so by touching it  the devotee shows his / her mark of respect.
.-By touching the steps it is believed that the devotee  releases  all his  Vishayas (worldly wishes) before getting into the temple and brings in purity so that they open to receive the blessings of the divine.
-Each step takes us to a higher level of consciousness, enhancing our faith.
-Each step of the temple  also teaches us that to reach a manifestation of our goals and desires we need to clime one step at one time releasing all our negativity and restoring our inner core self.

With awareness  and divine wisdom let’s bow on the steps of the temple that we visit. So that we filled with the essence of divine energy that makes us open to communicate and connect with the deity residing in the temple.

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