Why Do Hindus Say Ram Ram?

Many Hindus greet or farewell each other by saying “Ram Ram.” The other religious words are also used to do so, e.g. Jai Mata Di, Om Namah Shivay, Jai Ram Ji Ki, etc. But the majority of the people use the word “Ram Ram.” There could be many reasons for it. This custom of greeting each other could be more than thousand years old. Hence, it is hard to find out what is the exact reason. Therefore, we would try to find out what could be the most probable reason.

Ram is considered as seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Hence, he is like a demi-God for Hindus. He is highly revered for his qualities of righteousness, good character, and bravery. As per Ramayana, he killed the demon Ravan and freed the earth from his despotic rule. According to the legend, Ramayana was written well before the birth of Ram by the sage Valmiki, who was a dacoit in his initial life. But afterwards, on the advice of Maharshi Narad, he stopped the looting and started chanting “Ram Ram,” so that he would be relieved from his sins. After some years, he changed completely into a great sage and wrote Ramayana, the great epic, which is still one of the most popular books amongst Hindus. Hence, many people believe that the word “Ram” has the power of mitigating the bad effects of your sins. Plus, it protects you from negative energies like ghosts and black magic.

Another reason could be that most of the Hindus live in villages and they are very religious. Hence, instead of uttering other words, it is better to say the name of God and as the name “Ram” is very short and sweet, it fits into their criteria. In this way, you not only greet each other but also earn the Punya of uttering the godly words.

If you know another reason, please feel free to tell us using our comment section.

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