Why ‘Tulsi Maa’ is not used in Shree Ganesh worship.

Arrival of Shree Ganesh fills us with joy and happiness. All types of flowers are used for his decoration and devotion, but one plant which is believed to be the most sacred and auspicious plant and is used in all Puja’s and devotion is the Tulsi ( basil) is not used for Shree Ganesh’s devotion.

Indian mythologies are full of love sagas, from Shiva-Parvati, Vishnu-Laxmi, and Shree Ram-Sita to Krishna-Radha.

Maa Tulsi is the most holy plant in Hinduism yet  it is not offered to Shree Ganesha  because they are involved in a mutual curse.There are many versions of this legend .

Maa Tulsi is believed to be  a part incarnation of Maa Lakshmi . She takes birth as Dharmadhwaja ( god of rightfulness) daughter . She forbades all palace pleasures and does penance to get Shree  Vishnu as her husband. Shree  Brahma, pleased by her devotion, grants her the boon but says that before that she will have to marry a demon.

Where another version says that she was cursed by Shree Ganesh that she will marry a demon and then be born as a plant.

The legend says once she was walking along the banks of ganges. She came across handsome Shree  Ganesha   who was in his youth state sitting in deep meditation to Shree Vishnu . He was in very deep meditative state and his aura was glowing with grace of Shree Vishnu.
As she saw him she fell in love with him for his looks and his devotion for Shree oVishnu as she too was a strong devotee of Shree Vishnu , she asked Ganesha  to marry her.
at that time Ganesha  was a bachelour (brahamchari)  and ganesha was not looking for marrying anyone. moreover he only wanted to marry someone who possess the same divine qualities like his mother goddess Parvati and his wish was to have a blessed marraige like his mother Parvati and father shiv.
so ganesha politely refused tulsi ma for marriage. this broke her heart. tulsi maa  took this as an insult and she became very angry. in her anger tulsi ma cursed ganesha that one day he will get married against his wish of not getting married.

lord ganesha also in turn cursed tulsi that she will be married to an asura ( demon)
listening this curse, tulsi ma realized her mistake and she begged ganesha for forgiveness and prayed to him with divinity  listening her sincere prayers ganesha became pleased and he said ” you will be regarded as supreme among the plants. all gods will be happy with your fragrance. lord vishnu will be specially glad to receive the worship with your leaves. but you will always be unacceptable by me in worship”.

later on, as per the curse tulsi ma married the demon king called ‘shankhachuda’ (or with jalandhara)
A part incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Sudama will be cursed to be born as a demon and soon he takes birth as shakhachuda . Tulsi  marries shakhachuda  . He pleases Lord Brahma and gets Vishnukavacha. But the condition will be, that his wife must be a pativrata, for him to be protected by it.
After getting the boom shakhachuda  creates havoc all over and for that Lord Shiva battles with him to destroy him. In the meanwhile Vishnu disguises himself as shakhachuda  and goes to Tulsi and  breaks her chastity. Shiva then kills shakhachuda . Devi Lakshmi’s ansh then returns to her abode and the body of Tulsi  gives birth to the plant and a river.

Another version of her tulsi  replaces her name as Vrinda and shakhachuda  as Jalandhar. In this story Vrinda curses Lord Vishnu to turn into a stone  when she comes to know of his disguise as shakhachuda . As Shree Vishu turns into a stone that stone is worshipped as Shaligrama.

So let’s worship Ganraya with his favourite durva . Om ganapataye namaha.

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